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The MBA programme at the University of Magdeburg will provide you with the knowledge, methods and skills indispensible to professional managers the world over to achieve success. Building on a solid basis in management, accounting and finance, this programme prepares you for high level positions in foreign or multinational companies, consultancy firms, financial institutions, international organisations and other highly qualified positions. Structured as a full-time course, our MBA programme is founded on a relatively new concept specially designed for people with no background knowledge in this field but with an interest in management and economics. Prior work experience as well as a Bachelor’s degree is required for admission. The language of instruction is English.

The programme's focus and the forms of teaching are tailored to the specific demands that executives expect of an education. Above all, a scientific education should equip students with key qualifications. This is the goal of our MBA programme. The focus of the programme is the systematic teaching of content that is, on the one hand, practice-oriented, but on the other hand, provides students with the ability to deal with problems in an analytical manner, to recognize structures and to design problem-solving strategies. In order to achieve this goal, the teaching of appropriate analytical techniques is a necessary requirement. Therefore, the introduction to formal methods is an important part our our study programme. It creates the prerequisite for being able to handle even challenging decision-making and planning problems.


University & Degree

Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Curriculum Master of Business Administration (English)

Modul I: Economic Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Management I + II
Students acquire a basic knowledge of management and the organisational environment in this course. This includes strategic management, decision making, marketing and international business.

Introduction to Economics
This course is an introduction to microeconomics and macroeconomics. It seeks to explain the behaviour of economic actors as well as the behaviour of the aggregate economy.

Business Statistics and Mathematics
Here students gainan understanding of the basic mathematical methods and algorithms re-quired for business and economics. They will learn to apply basic techniques of data explora-tion and visualization.

Introduction to Law
This course provides students with the basic knowledge of the principles of German Constitutional Law, Euro-pean Law and Civil Law. They will learn how to apply law by solving cases.


The programme is divided into four semesters. A total of 29 courses with 20 teaching hours each are divided into three sections:

Basic Studies | 6 Lectures

In the basic studies, introductions to business administration and economics are taught. Economics courses are part of the programme because an understanding of basic economics is of significant importance for managing businesses. In addition to the basic economics courses, the program also includes introductions to formal methods, particularly mathematical methods that will be needed as the student pursues further courses of study. In this way, it is ensured that students without previous knowledge of mathematics can also successfully complete the programme.

Advanced Studies | 18 Lectures

The advanced study course covers the most important areas of modern business administration as well as legal and economic topics. The scope of study ranges from controlling to balance sheet analysis as well as issues of Marketing and Finance. Special topics of particular relevance to business practice are also covered. These include Risk Management, Game Theory, Decision Theory, and operation research techniques (and a lot more).

Seminars and Master's Thesis | 3 Classes

The study programme is completed by two seminars and your Master's Thesis. You will spend a significant part of the last two semester writing three acadmic papers.

Your lecturers will be professors and research assistants from the Faculty of Mangement and Economics or renowned academics from other universities.

Magdeburg - your green study city in the heart of Europe

Capital City of Saxony-Anhalt
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Place and Time of Lectures

All lectures take place on our Campus in Magdeburg. Lectures and exercises start usally at 5pm every workday and last until around 8.30pm. Therefore you can study or work during the day and enjoy lectures during the evening. Breaks are included in the lecture times. Moreover there are breaks over public hollidays and during August/September.

Tuition fees

In general, the full tuitions have to be paid in advance. Depending on your partner, installments can be possible.

Our tuitions are "all inclusive", i. e. independent of how often you are joining our lectures the tuitions are constant. Please note: tuitions do not cover living costs or health insurance, only teaching and examinations. 

As an enrolled student at Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg, there is an additional semester fee of 155.20€ that has to be paid directly to the university.


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Full Program
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Academy Studies
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Admission Requirements

Our international MBA starts in October every year while the application deadline is the 15th July of that year (under special circumstances a later application is possible). You can use the provided checklist to complete the list of documents. Please send only complete application packages.

We do not charge any application fees. After enrolling at the university, the tuition fees (see here) apply. 


The following are necessary to meet the admission requirements/enrollment:

  • completed application form for admission to studies (see the link below)
  • copy of the page in your passport with your name
  • one additional photo
  • a general Bachelor’s degree (at least 6 semesters at university or equivalent) translated and certified by a notary
  • transcript of records, either certified by a notary public of a sealed envelop of the university records office
  • letter of motivation
  • key fact sheet
  • passing individual interview, or GRE (148 quantitative, 143 verbal), or GMAT (550 points in total)

Further information can be found here.


General Checklist Applicants (for your use)
Detailed Checklist Information
Keyfacts Applicants
Application Form for Admission to Studies
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