The BiG executive training program is ordinarily conducted over a two week period.
During this period, participants will acquire a growing
with the ConteXt, denoted as German way of life.
This is a necessary prerequisite for an intuitive understanding concerning
the specific knowledge
presented in the ConteNt seminars.
By merging our seminars with the excursions our participants
learn how to ConduCt business operations in Germany.

The itinerary presented is a model program. It is extremly flexible, however, and all segments can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements.
Hence, you can choose the amount of ConteXt and ConteNt that you require.
We will help you find the best solution for your specific needs.


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The Executive Training Program

A possible ConteXt -Structure you can read below (all modules can be arranged in a flexible way).

The overnight stays will be in four-star business-class hotels unless other arrangements are requested. All seminars and excursions will be supported by bilingual translators.


day 1


The BiG executive training program begins with your greeting at the airport and continues in our deluxe motor coach as it conveys you directly to your hotel in Magdeburg. The Herrenkrug Parkhotel is picturesquely situated within a lovely 114 acre park that includes a horse racing track. It is a tranquil haven for relaxation and an excellent site for focused seminar learning. Magdeburg is the state capital of Sachsen-Anhalt and, consequently, a seat of government as well as a thriving industrial, commercial, and medical center. Located on the banks of the Elbe River, it is a city with a long and illustrious history. The first  German Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I (912 - 973), built his palace here because of its unique location at a crossroads of trading and commerce. Throughout the centuries it has grown and prospered. Today, Magdeburg is the home of two universities and thus it attracts scholars from all over the world making it an important center for international research.


Otto day1 

day 2

We start with the official welcome immediately followed by the seminar BASIC about the German economic situation. After lunch, you will become acquainted with the city by means of a sightseeing tour. Magdeburg’s famous cathedral, the Magdeburger Dom, is the oldest gothic church in Germany and has high towers that can be seen for miles. The extraordinary Hundertwasserhaus is an impressive architectural wonder that contains a hotel, a restaurant, and numerous specialty shops. Moreover, you will learn about the city’s most famous son, Otto von Guericke (1602-1686), scientist, politician, and the namesake of our university.


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day 3

Day 3 begins with the seminar EUROPEAN UNION. Subsequently, you will travel by coach to the city of Wolfsburg, the home of the world’s largest automaker Volkswagen. You will visit its headquarters and the production plant. Moreover, representatives of workers union, IG Metall, will be available to answer your questions. The day will culminate with dinner at a fascinating visitor attraction, directly adjacent to the Volkswagen factory, called Autostadt. Situated within a beautiful 70 acre park, it features a museum and attractive pavilions displaying the several brands of the Volkswagen Group.



 day 4 This day has been reserved for some focused seminar learning in Magdeburg. The morning session will contain the seminars LEGAL SYSTEM and BUSINESS LAW, while the seminar about the SOCIAL SYSTEM will take place after lunch. Certainly, such a demanding day necessitates commensurate time for relaxation. What better way than to experience a typical German beer garden? The Mückenwirt Biergarten is situated on the banks of the Elbe River and is very popular with the local populace. In the evening, you will dine at the Bralo-House, well-known for its delicious steaks.


 day 5

You will travel by motor coach to Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is a center of innovative technology and science and, therefore, it has become a startup hub. Berlin’s nightlife is famed the world over for its diversity, never-ending nightclubs, and anything-goes attitude. Your tour will include a river cruise on the Spree. You will see the infamous wall called the Berliner Mauer that divided the city during the Cold War years. The 18th-century Brandenburger Tor that has become a national symbol and you will visit the Reichstagsgebäude, the German federal parliament building. That evening you will attend a concert by an orchestra that is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, the Berlin Philharmonic. You will stay overnight in Berlin.


berlin FREE
 day 6

Day 6 begins with the seminar POLITICAL SYSTEM in Germany conducted in the hotel. Afterwards, you will travel by Inter-City Express (ICE) train to Nuremberg. It is located in the dynamic state of Bavaria, one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. Nuremberg was an early center of humanism, science, printing, and mechanical invention. It was the home of artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), who was well-known across Europe for his artistic accomplishments. That evening, you can sample the city’s renowned Rostbratwurst together with a locally brewed beer. You will stay overnight in Nuremberg.


nuremberg Free 2
 day 7

Day 7 begins with the seminar ENVIRONMENT conducted in the hotel. Subsequently, you will travel to the nearby city of
Herzogenaurach where you will have the opportunity to see world-class German manufacturing. We will visit either Adidas or Puma, two of the world’s largest sportswear companies. Alternatively, a visit to Schaeffler, a major manufacturer of rolling element bearings for automotive, aerospace, and industrial uses, could be arranged. The choice will reflect the participant’s major areas of interest. The day will end with some typical Bavarian food in a charming local Bierkeller, a historic-cellar restaurant. Afterwards, in the evening we will return to Magdeburg by ICE train.


Day 7 pic
 day 8

The day begins with Seminar BUSINESS ETIQUETTE. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a German professional soccer game, played in the country that has been the world champion four times. Magdeburg’s resident team is called the 1. FC Magdeburg, founded in 1965. It has won three championships and seven cup titles. It is the only soccer club in Eastern Germany to have won a European title. In 1974 it won the annual UEFA Cup Winners‘ Cup (CWC), an inter-European club competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).


Fußball Free 2
 day 9

The day begins with Seminars NEGOTIATE and CULTURE. After lunch, you will visit the IMG Sachsen-Anhalt, a service organization belonging to the state government’s department of economic affairs. They are specialists dedicated to promoting business opportunities for the state. You will learn about the investment and marketing opportunities that exist in Sachsen-Anhalt. Afterwards, our coach will take you to Hamburg in the north of Germany. Its official name, Hansestadt Hamburg, reflects its history as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League. It was a free imperial city in the Holy Roman Empire and today it remains a city-state within modern Germany. It is one of the sixteen federal states. Hamburg is a major European seaport and thus a global service center. The city is the headquarters and has the production facilities for many major companies, e.g., Airbus, Beiersdorf, and Unilever. You will stay in Hamburg overnight.


Hamburg Free
 day 10

The day begins with a visit to the Handelskammer Hamburg, the city’s chamber of commerce founded in 1665. Afterwards, you will be taken on a sightseeing tour of the city. Hamburg’s harbor, the third largest container port in Europe, handles about nine million containers every year. You will experience this dynamic seaport with a boat tour where you will see the container terminals close-up. Many companies operating in the e-commerce field have moved into the city or have started here. In the evening, you will enjoy a musical performance. Hamburg has several theaters that feature a variety of currently popular musical shows. Moreover, you will visit the famous St. Pauli‘s Reeperbahn which is one of Europe’s most infamous entertainment districts.
That evening you will return to Magdeburg by motor couch.


Hamburg Free 2
 day 11

The day begins with the CAPSTONE seminar. This seminar is designed to summarize, clarify, and unify your training experiences into a solid body of thought. Afterwards, you will have some free time to relax and to explore Magdeburg on your own. This will allow for some shopping for take-home gifts, etc. Alternatively, a walk in the Elbauenpark, located adjacent to the Herrenkrugpark, is a pleasant experience. There you will find the Jahrtausendturm, which is sixty meters high and thus the highest wooden tower in the world.


day 12

The day begins with a visit to the IHK Magdeburg / Halle, the region’s chamber of commerce and industry. There you will participate in a full-day training workshop regarding current business practices in Germany. The workshop will be conducted by IHK professionals who are continuously involved with questions involving the economic development of the region. They assist companies seeking business contacts, logistical arrangements, and are knowledgeable concerning all types of import and export questions. Following this enlightening workshop you will travel to the southern tip of Sachsen-Anhalt to Europe’s northernmostwine growing region where grapes have been cultivated for over a thousand years. You will remain overnight in Freyburg (Unstrut).


Saale Unstrut Free 2
day 13

You will visit a selection of vineyards in the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region. You will be introduced to the local wines and, of course, have the opportunity to sample them. Afterwards, you will visit one of the world’s largest wine producing companies, Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien, founded in 1856. You will tour the five-story cellars used for producing sparkling wine that were dug directly into the rock formations. You will also see the largest carved pressure tank in Germany. The giant tank was constructed in 1896 from 25 oak trees. It has a capacity of 120,000 liters and is decorated with prized carvings.


Rotkäppchen 2
day 14

Following the farewell breakfast, the BiG executive training program is concluded. You will be transferred to the airport by motor coach. It is our desire that you will depart with many new insights and inspirations regarding the manner in which business is conducted in Germany.