Students Life

Cost of Living in Magdeburg

Living in Magdeburg is not expensive. The approximate average monthly costs are as follows:


Monthly fees in €

Annual fees in €

University fees

  • Courses, material and multilingual service
  • Trips and excursions organised by Business School Magdeburg
  • Free WiFi on Campus
  • Public transport ticket for the city of Magdeburg
  • Sports and free-time activities organised by the university

94,50€ per semester,

includes all services

189€ per year,

includes all services

  • Health insurance



  • Accommodation


single flat: 250-300€

shared flat. 200€




  • Electricity per person



  • Internet, telephone per flat



  • Food & Drink



  • Other




One of the most important issues in settling in is to find a flat. Students can choose either a room in a student hall of residence on campus or a flat from housing agencies.

The student halls of residence are managed and allocated by the “Studentenwerk”. Since the number of rooms is limited, you should apply in advance. The application form can be found on the website of Studentenwerk Magdeburg. Different types of rooms can be chosen according to your own requirements. The flats from housing agencies in Magdeburg are often available near the university or in the city centre. You can make appointments with the housing agency to check available flats before you decide which one to choose. Please note that in Germany some flats are rented out without furniture. You will then need to take care of buying and transporting furniture. If you should have problems with accommodation, please contact the Business School team. We would be happy to provide you with information about flats and furniture.

Considering the high demand from new students for student halls of residence and flats at the beginning of the semester (especially the winter semester), we recommend you start looking for accommodation before coming. It is also helpful to arrive earlier (for example, one or two weeks before lectures begin) to make sure you find a room or a flat before the registration period of university.


Tips to the Accomodation Request

Accomodation Request

Student organisations

There are also student organisations which help international students to get in contact with other exchange students at the university.

IKUS: This is an intercultural student organisation. It organises intercultural country nights, movie evenings and excursions, providing a good opportunity to get to know other cultures and to make new friends.

AIESECThis is an international non-profit organisation that provides leadership training and internship opportunities. You can apply what you have learned in the MBA program to practice and gain international experience.

RIA Buddy ProgrammeThis programme, organised by students at the university, aims to help inter-national students to settle in in Magdeburg.


There is no way to stay home alone because there are so many interesting things happening in campus life at the University of Magdeburg. Sports, trips and the university’s own restaurant with special prices for students all facilitate daily life and help you to find new friends quickly.  After a time you’ll find yourself enjoying the whole day on Campus!

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