ConteNt Seminars

combines fundamental knowledge in our seminars denoted as ConteNt
with cultural experiences based on our ConteXt,
so our particpants are able to ConduCt the best business practices.


ConteNt denotes the managerial knowledge needed by foreign executives in order to
effectively conduct business operations within Germany.

The BiG executive training program contains a sequence of focused seminars that involve
such essential topics as the overall European economic situation, German and European
business law, social maintenance systems, political realities, current environmental issues,
business etiquette, negotiating skills, cultural awareness, as well as others.

The ordering of these seminars considers the degree of cultural awareness that has been
acquired by participants as they progress through the program’s itinerary.



BiG is a unique executive training opportunity that equips managers from abroad with the competency required to successfully ConduCt business operations in Germany.

Speakers are Professors and Research Staff of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, specialized coaches, and representatives of German companies.


The ConteNt

Besides the seminars, featured Topics are: German Economic History, International Trade: Germany, China, and the World, Transatlantic Economy: What can we learn from USA, Europe, and China?, Meeting the Employers Association, Meeting the Chambers of Commerce