First Steps

On arrival in Germany you will soon realise that there are some bureaucratic barriers to pass. The Business School Magdeburg therefore has English, French, Spanish and Chinese speaking assistants who are happy to help you out with your first steps in Magdeburg. Here is an overview of what to do:

Before coming to Magdeburg

  • Obtain your Visa
  • Open a bank account
  • Prepare the following material:
    1. biometric ID pictures since you’ll need them for university or health insurance documents
    2. Personal documents (ID, Visa…)
    3. recommended: copies of all personal documents for your own safety


Arrival in Magdeburg

We provide a pick-up service from Berlin Airports. If you would like to make use of this, please contact us in advance and inform us of your estimated time of arrival. Besides, we will also support you in the following:

  • Obtaining our information material
  • Finding accommodation (e.g. a flat, or shared accommodation) and organising a tenancy/rental agreement.
  • Going to the Residents’ Registration Office (Bürgerbüro) to register as a resident of Magdeburg and get a certificate of registration – “Meldebescheinigung”. You need to bring a valid identification document/passport, the admission letter from your study programme and a tenancy/rental agreement with you.
  • Verifying your bank account
  • Organising health insurance needed for university registration (or bring your European Health Insurance Card)
  • Enrolling at the university
    • Getting your student identity card, which also serves as public transport ticket and cash card at the university’s restaurant
    • Registering at the library
    • Remembering to re-register your student ID card every semester
  • Getting a mobile phone number and internet contract.
  • Extending your visa within 3 months
  • Enjoying life! 

Leaving Magdeburg

  • Cancel all contracts (flat, internet, health insurance) 3 months in advance! (This is only a recommendation – specific periods of notice can be found in your contracts. Notice of cancellation should be in writing, i.e. a letter)
  • Deregistration from the university (Exmatrikulation) and from the Residents’ Registration Office. (Note that your student visa is no longer valid after you complete your study programme.)


Please note that we are happy to provide you with recommendations regarding banks, health insurances or flats. Our recommendations are all based on experience, but they are only recommendations. Business School Magdeburg is not liable for any resulting problems.